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Browyn Corbett (CEO, Grit): “Africa is the last real opportunity for growth”

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Browyn Corbett, Grit
From Date: 
Mercredi 11 Octobre 2017
To Date: 
Mardi 17 Octobre 2017

Formerly known as Mara Delta, Grit is in strong financial position. The property income fund targets to become one of the top performers on the Stock Exchange of Mauritius. Its investment goal is to own strategically located real estate assets in carefully selected, high-growth countries across Africa, outside of South Africa. Property investments on the continent are widely misunderstood or ignored for a number of reasons, CEO Browyn Corbett pointed out, as most investors look at Africa as if it is a country. They ignore the fact that there are 54 different countries, cultures, customs and opportunities on the continent. Africa, she added, is the last real opportunity for growth and represents an attractive investment opportunity. Grit’s CEO features on the cover of Business Magazine this week, an issue also focussing on changes on the labour market with the growing use of technology.


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