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Integrating reporting: A new era

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integrated reporting
From Date: 
Mercredi 25 Octobre 2017
To Date: 
Mardi 31 Octobre 2017

By adopting international reporting standards, a company is in a strong position to reassure its stakeholders and capital markets that it means business. In Mauritius, big corporates are slowly awakening to this critical necessity. We still have a long way to step into this era of healthy regulations. Corporate reporting has come a long way since its mere introduction as financial reporting in the 1930s, evolving along the years into sustainability reporting (to include environmental and social issues) and is now facing transformation into a new model: integrated reporting. It helps companies explain their ability to create value in the near, medium and long term and, as such, it also aims at moving away from the short-termism of capital markets. Integrated reporting features on the cover of Business Magazine this Wednesday along with an interview of Nazir Dakri, CEO of Dakri Cartons, who aims to position the company in the region within the next two years. The supplement Automoto puts on test among others the hybrid Mercedes-Benz C350E and presents the 4th generation of the luxurious Range Rover Velar.


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