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Paul Baker: “Inclusiveness is more important than becoming a high-income country”

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Paul Baker
From Date: 
Mercredi 31 Janvier 2018
To Date: 
Mardi 6 Février 2018

Mauritius is set to embark on a new virtuous cycle of economic growth in the years to come. This target, however, won’t be met without inclusiveness, changing the mindset to embrace emerging sectors and looking beyond Africa for more growth pockets worldwide. Mauritius is a relatively stable economy, has good governance and rule of law in comparison to other African countries. If we want to tap into that growth to become a high-income economy, argues the Chief Executive of International Economics, we need to be working much more towards Asia. “Becoming a high-growth economy could be relatively easy if you can just channel enough investment to come into it, but that does not mean that the population will benefit from this. It is the right type of growth that is important.” Paul Baker features on this week’s cover of Business Magazine, an issue accompanied by the two-monthly supplement Men’s style.


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