The Principles of Banking, written by an experien-ced banker and seasoned finance academic, Professor Moorad Choudhry, should appeal to everyone involved in the banking industry as well as to students of finance. The Principles of Banking covers issues of practical importance to bank practitioners, including asset-liability ma-nagement, liquidity risk and management, capital management and stress testing as well as issues of bank strategy and corporate governance. It is replete with worked examples illustrating the key principles of asset-liability management. Viewed against the background of the global financial crisis, this book is a useful reminder of how basic principles of banking had taken a back seat or been simply ignored. 

Nejolla Korris, InterVeritas Intl

A much-sought-after speaker in the field of lie detection, the CEO of InterVeritas Intl. was in Mauritius recently at the initiative of the Institute of Internal Auditors Mauritius and the Mauritius Institute of Directors.

UnionPay International is currently in the process of expanding its international reach. Its Chief Business Development Officer elaborates on the brand’s unique selling point and the place of credit cards in the economy.

Tarun Ghulati

Bramer Bank has overachieved its profit expectations. The bank’s sustained investments in technology and effort to reduce operating expenses will continue to contribute to its positive growth, says Tarun Ghulati, the Group President and CEO of Bramer Corporation.

The Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia was in Mauritius recently for the 11th Islamic Financial Services Board Summit. He shares his views on the steps Mauritius needs to take in order to rise up to the challenge of becoming an Islamic financial services hub.

Bons du Trésor

La Banque Centrale émettra, le mercredi 23 juillet, deux nouveaux bons du Trésor, notamment le Five-Year Government of Mauritius Savings Bond, rémunéré à un taux fixe de 6% l’an, et le Five-Year Government of Maurititius Inflation Index-linked Savings Bond, assorti d’un taux d’intérêt fixe de 2% par an qui viendra s’ajouter au taux de ‘headline inflation’.

Vickson Ncube

The Pan African Federation of Accountants in collaboration with the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants will hold the 3rd Africa Congress of Accountants (ACOA) in Mauritius from May 12 to 14 2015. Its CEO Vickson Ncube elaborates on the choice of Mauritius for this event and its implications for the accounting profession.

La compagnie est passée du statut de « Correspondent Firm » de RSM International à celui de « Member Firm ». Une transition qui vient renforcer l’efficience de ses services auprès de sa clientèle à Maurice et à l’étranger.

James Benoit, CEO of AfrAsia

Since Mauritius is gradually becoming the gateway to Africa, we can expect to see to more banks on the domestic market, says the CEO of Afrasia.

Directory of Financial Institutions 2014

L’édition 2014 de The Directory of Financial Institutions est en vente. Cette publication de Business Publications Ltd, membre du Groupe La Sentinelle, donne un aperçu des différents segments et acteurs dans les services financiers.

François Baird is the Africa Chairman of Edelman, one of the world’s largest public relations firms better known for elaborating the Edelman Trust Barometer which is based on data collected in 27 countries. He discusses ways to achieve what he terms as ‘Trust Mauritius’.

Xavier Lagesse, CEO La Prudence Leasing

Donner une valeur ajoutée à des plans de crédit-bail « relativement standards », en proposant un service flexible et accessible. Tel est l’objectif que s’est fixé Xavier Lagesse, nouveau CEO de La Prudence Leasing.

Deborah Oversby

Barclays Bank Mauritius Limited recently revamped its Premier Banking Services in order to provide its clientele with more tailor-made products. Deborah Oversby, Head of Premier Banking (Products & Sales), gives us more insight into this concept in her interview.

Malcolm Furber

Le CIMA a un double objectif à Maurice : intensifier sa présence sur notre sol et promouvoir la qualification de CGMA auprès des spécialistes mauriciens dans le domaine de la comptabilité et de la gestion. Malcolm Furber, le Global President de l’association, était récemment à Maurice pour baliser le terrain.

Suresh Kana

Suresh Kana, Africa Senior Partner for the PwC network, was in Mauritius for the Africa Tax and Business Symposium organised by PwC Mauritius recently. In the interview below, he underlines opportunities and requisites to do business in Africa.

Peter Mulroy

Factors Chain International (FCI) is a global network of leading factoring companies. Peter Mulroy, its Secretary General, was recently in Mauritius in the context of a business conference organised by MCB Factors. He tells us more about the emergence of factoring and related financial services.

Mervyn Cookson

The insurance sector is witnessing new developments following the merger in South Africa of two insurance groups, namely Metropolitan International and Momentum, which has a branch in Mauritius. The new entity, MMI Holdings, has acquired a 70% stake in Mauritian Eagle Life. The CEO of Metropolitan International expounds on these changes.


La Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank a vu le jour en 2003. Depuis, elle fait preuve d’innovation afin d’être toujours à la pointe des dernières tendances en matière de service bancaire.

Kamal Hawabhay

As our global business centre is drawing more and more attention,  its success hinges on the economic health of Asia and Africa, according to Kamal Hawabhay, Managing Director of Global Wealth Management Solutions and President of the Association of Trust and Management Companies.

Clarel Constance

FRCI has developed an IT solution which integrates all the elements to allow a management company to run an offshore company life cycle from incorporation to termination


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