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Jyoti Iyer

Xanara is a financial institution providing advisory services to entrepreneurs, wealthy families, institutions and corporate clients. Business Magazine met with its CEO, who talks about the development of the wealth management industry in Mauritius

Benyamin Ismail

AirAsia X expects its entry into Mauritius to impact positively on socio-economic growth. Benyamin Ismail says the airline will complement other operating full service carriers.

David Isaacs

About a year after David Isaacs and his associates took over Courts, the Chief Executive Officer talks about the strategy they adopted to put it back on track. Among his priorities: the company’s profitability and its expansion beyond Mauritian shores.

Karen Leggett

The Executive Vice President Corporate Strategy & Marketing of National Bank of Canada (NBC), a minority stakeholder in AfrAsia Bank, focuses on the latter’s potential to expand in Africa. NBC, she says, can bring its expertise to the local bank, namely in terms of risk management solutions.

Jimmy Khan, LafargeHolcim

It has been a year since Jimmy Khan has taken his position as Managing Director of LafargeHolcim (Mauritius). He comments on the cement and concrete industry at the local level, laying emphasis on the importance of innovation.

Amit Kapoor

Mauritius has all the promising traits of another Singapore in the making, observes the Honorary Chairman of the Institute for Competitiveness, India. He discusses the areas for improvement to achieve this goal in an exclusive interview with Business Magazine.

Mustafa Özkahraman

The General Manager of Turkish Airlines-Nairobi was in Mauritius for the sub-Saharan Africa Partners Hub Meeting hosted by BCD Travel Mauritius/Atom Travel and the inaugural flight of Turkish Airlines to the island that took place in December 2015. Also in charge of the Mauritius destination, Mustafa Özkahraman replied to our questions.

Ramesh Basant Roi

Business Magazine met with the central bank governor Ramesh Basant Roi following the recent rate cut. Several issues were discussed during the interview, among others the savings rate and the possible impact on our economy of a policy reversal in the US as the Federal Reserve starts to hike.

Ranjan Kumar Mohapatra

The current Managing Director of IndianOil (Mauritius) Ltd will soon be leaving the position he has occupied since January 2012 for a new assignment in West Bengal, India. He talks about the achievements of the company under his leadership but also gives his opinion on the oil sector in Mauritius and the African region at large.

Mike Rees, Standard Chartered Bank

Mauritius has made significant progress in terms of infrastructure development with inter alia the creation of a new airport, points out the Deputy CEO of Standard Chartered Bank Group. The country is in a strong position to become a transport hub just like Dubai and Singapore, he observes.

Sherry Singh

In an exclusive interview to Business Magazine this week, Sherry Singh, the new CEO of Mauritius Telecom, talked about his vision for the company. He said MT is at a turning point and government has trusted him to lead this organization to new heights. One of the first actions will be to look at MT profit, which has decreased significantly, from Rs 1.8 billion to Rs 990 million despite an increase in turnover from Rs 8 billion to Rs 9 billion in 2014. Talking about the market, he pointed out that it has evolved from one computer connected to an ADSL line in a home, to multi devices connected permanently to the network: laptop, tablet, mobile phones and even smart TVs. With the growing number of devices, the demand follows the same pattern and the copper infrastructure is not the ideal technology to provide for high speed internet, thus the development of a fiber optic network covering the island. With regard to the smart cities project, connectivity is the key. MT will thus have to bring the latest connectivity to these cities.“We are going to be very aggressive in terms of investment over the next 3 years, he warns, so that we prepare the company for the future. If we miss the wave, we could take a significant back step.

The Deputy Minister of Telecommunications of South Africa was in Mauritius recently for the fourth edition of the Private Equity Conference. She reflects upon the barriers hindering Africa’s transformation into a sustainable and business-friendly destination in an interview with Business Magazine.


Europe remains the main market for Maritim Hotel, one of the leading hotels of the country. For his General Manager, Mauritius needs to devote more efforts in order to attract more tourists from Asia but we should not lose sight of the Old Continent.

Oliver Hare

Diversification into the African global business market is a long term process, says Cim Global Business CEO Oliver Hare. In the interview, he shares his opinion on the real potential of Mauritius as an International Financial Centre and the role DTAAs play within it.

Sajid Bodhy

It is set out to make its mark on the banking landscape, with a brand new identity and long-term goals. HBL Mauritius’s CEO, Sajid Bodhy, expounds on the bank’s ambitions in the interview below.

Chris Newson

Business Magazine caught up with Chris Newson during his brief visit to Mauritius, to get more insight on his outlook of Standard Bank’s performance here and his perspective of the Mauritian economy.

Diana Layfield

Being the gateway into Africa is a coveted title Mauritius has been eyeing with determination. Diana Layfield, Standard Chartered Bank Africa CEO, elaborates on Mauritius’ unparalleled potential to tap into the African opportunities and how the bank intends to be the bandwagon for this growth.

James Benoit

AfrAsia Bank just announced profits of Rs 303 million for the financial year ending June 2013. James Benoit, CEO of the bank, elaborates, in the interview below, on the bank’s success strategy, on the African segment and on expansion plans.

There is a great demand for company secretaries, which ensure that organizations comply with relevant legislation. In Mauritius, we have 250 chartered secretaries. Simon Osborne, President and CEO of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, presently in Mauritius, emphasizes the importance of the company secretary in the boardroom.

Siddhartha Roy, the economic adviser to Tata Group, comments the economic performance of Asian and African economies. According to him, the solution to the global crisis lies with the western countries. He also believes that Mauritius can play an important role as a financial hub for investment in Africa.


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